The Value Box

This is the ultimate introduction to our premium range of Lindis Gold honey. Sweet, smooth and perfect to fit in with your cooking, baking, or honey tasting needs, our honey tastes better than the rest... how do we know? Because our customers are loving their recent deliveries and have been telling us! We have plenty more where that came from, while COVID may have cost us our tourist market, we have been overwhelmed with the support for Lindis Gold online. 

"Super fast delivery! And the honey tastes amazing!!! Thank You"
Ben Leow

We love to use our honey on toast, in tea and as a substitute for sugar, and this pack gives you a glimpse at our most popular honeys while offering exceptional value and a honey to suit everyones sweet tooth. 

Mix and match our 1kg family size jars, with a 500g Manuka and a 250g jar to gift to someone who needs some sweetening up, or for your favourite honey lover, or keep it for yourself. 

Choose two 1kg jars from your selection of Kamahi, Vipers Bugloss and Clover
Choose a 250g jars of either Kamahi, Clover, Thyme, Vipers Bugloss
Plus get a 500g Manuka Honey Jar 

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