The Basic Box

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This has the basics covered, Clover for the family toast taste buds, Kamahi for the chef in your household, and Vipers Bugloss to keep runny honey lovers happy. The perfect trio to compliment summer cooking, healthy breakfasts, and for anyone looking to substitute some refined sugars for sweet natural nectar. 

CLOVER: 250g of silky smooth clover honey. Pure in colour, delicate in flavour, and with hints of tropical sweetness.The clover plant grows abundantly in Central Otago high-country throughout summer, providing some of the purest clover honey in New Zealand. Clover is a legume that significantly reduces the need for farmers to add nitrogen fertilisers to their soil and as our bees work to collect honey and pollinate the flowers, they play a critical part in this process for Central Otago farmers.

KAMAHI: Love a little night cap of lemon and honey? This 250g jar of kamahi honey, has a distinctive musty aroma and a complex bouquet of sweet tones. Foodies love the earthy flavours and aftertaste of Kamahi honey, and this is the perfect size to collect alongside your breakfast honey favourite, and to add a sweet depth of flavour to your next recipe. Kamahi trees flourish in the native forests of South Westland. Each summer, deep in this untouched wilderness, our bees gather the plentiful honey they find in the masses of creamy kamahi flowers.

VIPERS: Viper’s bugloss, a brilliant blue wildflower, produces a versatile liquid honey that has mild sweetness and a hint of zesty tang. The five-petaled flowers of viper’s bugloss begin as pink buds, opening up to reveal vivid blue flowers with bright red stamens, loved by bees. They produce a good honey flow when most other nectar sources have dried up for the year. The unusual name refers to the seed, which resembles a viper’s head and has long been known as a folk remedy for snakebite.

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