Meet the Lindis Gold Team

Hi! I’m Zoe. I love honey with all of its complexities, the unique stories that accompany each variety along with their floral flavours, aroma, beautiful colours and taste.

With my husband Tim, our four children and our bees, we take your honey all the way from fields of flowers in wild locations, to hive, to your table. Our deliciously sweet, natural honeys are all created in the wide-open majestic spaces of Central Otago and in the native coastal forests of South Westland.

Our Roots

Tim and his brother grew up learning about bees and working in the family business started by their parents here in Central Otago. Together they’ve built a lifetime of knowledge, and a real love for their bees.

Every Spring, Tim and the rest of the team ensure the 5,000 hives are strong and healthy, ready for pollination and harvest. The honey flow begins in November as the fragrant wild thyme flowers across the arid hillsides. During the Summer season the bees journey throughout Central Otago and South Westland as each floral variety blooms. The unique honeys are extracted in our purpose built facility in Bannockburn, right through into Autumn, when hives are then prepared for Winter; a well-earned time of rest for bees and beekeepers.

The Honey Shed

I started out selling jars of our ‘liquid gold’ at the local farmers’ market in Cromwell. The delicious honeys proved so popular that I opened our roadside shop, The Local Honey Shed in 2011. It’s been a labour of love and I’ve grown the business over time, between family and children.

The familiar Honey Shed hasn’t changed, we’ve just moved online so it’s easier for you to find us.

Where does the Name 'Lindis Gold' Come From?

The Wood family honey business was originally based in Tarras, gateway to the Lindis Pass. Sixteen years ago we moved to Bannockburn, and while we still have hives in the Lindis Valley, ‘Lindis’ remains the link to the history and heritage of our business along with ‘Gold’ a reference to the gold mining history that founded many of the towns in our region, and to the liquid gold our bees produce.

Lindis Gold For You

I’m really excited about bringing our roadside honey shed online, learning more about you and helping more people to fall in love with our honey.

Online, I can let you know about the quality of the honeys we produce, when they’re available and the amazing journey through incredible New Zealand landscapes where our bees forage.

You will know the story of a pure, honest pot of honey that you can call your local.

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